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Jörn Stenger is EURAMET’s new Chairperson

PTB’s Presidential Board Member is heading the association of European metrology institutes for the next three years

Press release

Dr. Jörn Stenger, EURAMET's new Chairperson

During the handover, Stenger thanked his predecessor, Hans Arne Frøystein from Justervesenet (the Norwegian metrology institute), for his outstanding work. Stenger went on to say that groundbreaking developments were advanced under Frøystein’s leadership. These include the European Metrology Networks, which have allowed Europe to grow together closely and effectively in the field of metrology, the EURAMET 2030 Strategy, as well as the European Partnership on Metrology. This is a new metrology research program which the EU wants to support with 300 million euros in the next seven years. The European Parliament and the Council of the EU are to decide on this shortly. As the new Chairperson, Jörn Stenger wants to strengthen and push forward all these developments, which he has already been involved with.

After studying physics at Heidelberg University, Stenger finished his doctoral thesis on experimental nuclear and high-energy particle physics in 1995. After two postdoc years, he joined the group of the Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked on Bose-Einstein condensation. In 1999 he came to PTB, where he developed a femtosecond-laser frequency comb for metrology with optical clocks. He joined PTB’s Presidential Staff Office in 2002 and became a member of the Presidential Board in 2009. His focus here has been on international affairs and research programs. In addition, Stenger was acting head of PTB’s Ionizing Radiation Division from 2016 to 2019.

Jörn Stenger has been part of the EURAMET community since 2002. He has held various roles there including that of German Delegate, member of the Board of Directors, and chair of the committee supporting the EMRP/EMPIR research programs, an office he held from 2010 to 2015.

“The start of the European Partnership on Metrology and of several European Metrology Networks will take place during my term of office. As EURAMET Chairperson, I aim to take these achievements forward, to further strengthen our cooperation with the various players active in areas relating to metrology, and to focus on issues such as the digital transformation and the role of legal regulations,” Jörn Stenger explains. “My aim is for EURAMET to develop a coordinated and effective response to these challenges.” EURAMET’s new chairperson is looking forward to the coming years that will be characterized by constructive and intensive dialog between all its members.

Dr. Jörn Stenger, Member of PTB’s Presidential Board and EURAMET Chairperson, phone: +49 531 592-3000, e-mail: Opens local program for sending emailjoern.stenger(at)ptb.de