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PTB Publications in digitalization

The digitalization is a very broad and overarching topic at PTB. Consequently, there is a growing number of publications from PTB researchers related to digitalization. This website lists the most generic and important publications.

Cross-sectoral topics

  • PTB Digitalization strategy "Metrology for the Digitalization of the Economy and Society - Update 2018", Initiates file downloadDownload

  • PTB Digitalization strategy "Metrology for the digitalization of economy and society", DOI Opens external link in new window10.7795/310.20170401EN in PTB-Mitteilungen 2017 (4)

  • Initiates file downloadPTB-Forschungsdatenkonzept (only German)

Digital transformation of metrological services

  • S. Hackel et al. "The digital calibration certificate" DOI Opens external link in new window10.7795/310.20170499 in PTB-Mitteilungen 2017(4)

  • F. Thiel et al. "A Digital Quality Infrastructure for Europe: The European Metrology Cloud" DOI Opens external link in new window10.7795/310.20170404 in PTB-Mitteilungen 2017(4)

  • F. Thiel "Digital transformation of legal metrology - The European Metrology Cloud", OIML Bulletin, vol. LIX, 2018(1), pp. 10-21, Opens external link in new windowDownload

Metrology in the analysis of large data sets

  • M. Bär and C. Elster "Mathematics and Statistics for Digitalization" DOI Opens external link in new window10.7795/310.20170402 in PTB-Mitteilungen 2017(4)