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Metrology Cloud

To foster the digital transformation in Legal Metrology, the PTB has initiated the development of a coordinated European digital quality infrastructure for innovative products and services; the “European Metrology Cloud”. Its foundation lies in a trustworthy, metrological core platform in each member state, designed to support and streamline regulatory processes by joining existing infrastructures and databases, and to provide a single-point-of-contact for all stakeholders. Within this quality infrastructure, reference architectures, i.e. innovative measuring instruments, as well as technology- and data-driven digital services for Legal Metrology will be developed. The initial outcomes of this initiative will be demonstrators. These demonstrators will serve as blueprints for the individual national platforms to attract and to integrate further stakeholders and services.  Furthermore, it is anticipated that these demonstrators will provide results to support or even initiate processes for future-proof  national and European legislation. These platforms can later be combined via a coordinating platform established and maintained by a board of Member States, authorities and industrial stakeholders. With these objectives, the initiative fosters the European Commission envisioned digital single market.

direct contact: Opens window for sending emailDr. habil. Florian Thiel 

Concept of the "Metrology cloud" as a trustworthy core platform