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Challenges and Future Prospects

This chapter is (in addition to the chapter Subject Areas of PTB) an extract from PTB's Work and Research Program. It presents the research topics PTB intends to specifically intensify and start working on. These topics are medium-term and future challenges in metrology for society, the economy and science and, thus, open up new perspectives. In many departments of PTB, the development of innovative measurement procedures, and the provision of new calibration services resulting (among other things) from them, are based on scientific-technical unique features which are methodical and mechanical. In addition, cooperation projects with universities and – in particular – with other European metrology institutes are coordinated and intensified. The significant and strategically oriented cooperation in national and international normalization, standardization and accreditation committees and – last but not least - in the Meter Convention will effectively support these activities also in future. It is the declared objective of PTB to strengthen and further develop its role as one of the national metrology institutes in Europe and in the world which point the way forwards in science and technology.