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PSt 1: Coordination Digitalization



Internal functions

The working group (WG) PSt1 is the organisational and professional link between the digitalization projects in the PTB branch offices. It accompanies, networks and advises PTB colleagues in order to ensure a uniform, synchronized and effective approach.

The PSt1 manages the central PTB website on digitalisation: digital.ptb.de/en


External functions

The WG PSt1 is a central point of contact for inquiries on the topic of digitalization within and outside PTB. It represents the PTB digitalization strategy at events and reflects the resulting networks back into the corresponding branch offices of PTB.



The WG PSt1 performs independent research activities, which are oriented at the interfaces of the PTB-wide projects in the field of digitalization, with the aim of establishing a professional link between different activities at PTB. To this end, the WG I specifically addressing developments in digitalization, evaluating its practical operational capability for PTB, and passing on the results and findings to PTB colleagues.

Position of the PSt1

Position of the PSt1 in the PTB digitalization projects


21.-22. September 2021 VirtMet2020 – Digital twins and virtual mesurement devices

13.-14. March 2018 VirtMess2018 – Metrology for virtual measurement devices