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Presidential Staff (PSt)

The task of the Presidential Staff is to support the Presidential Board both conceptually and strategically and to relieve it of its routine business.


The activities of this working area focus on directly supporting and assisting the Presidential Board in the performance of its duties. This involves carrying out internal PTB and cross-divisional processes, and ranges from work planning activities to strategic controlling and central quality management to the development of concepts and strategies in all fields of business at PTB.

The Presidential Staff further acts as the executive office for the PTB Advisory Board (the "Kuratorium"). It prepares the content of director and strategy conferences, attends to guests of the Presidential Board, and responds to questions received from outside of PTB. In addition to supporting the academic discourse within the research community, the Presidential Staff also promotes the transfer of scientific knowledge to industry and to society as a whole and works to communicate metrological expertise in a targeted manner to decision makers in both the political and industrial sectors.

Another of the Presidential Staff’s core tasks is to function as the point of contact to Germany’s federal government ministries, in particular to PTB’s superordinate authority, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK). Much of the work of the Presidential Staff involves responding to ministerial enquiries and communicating with the BMWK oversight offices.