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Press and Information Office

Communicating between the inside and the outside, between PTB and the public: this is the task of PTB's Press and Information Office. The Press and Information Office therefore holds a position on the boundary lines – which is also reflected in the organizational structure of PTB. This communication venture is aimed at very specific sections of the public (e.g. specialists at trade shows) as well as – and this being the main part of our work – at every individual who wants to know something about PTB (from journalists to members of the general public). The roles of the Press and Information Office which are visible from outside range from exhibiting at trade shows to looking after groups of visitors, from editing metrological publications to science journalism both in print and online. In doing this, the Press and Information Office sees itself as an active information broker and always tries to take on the status of a correspondent who is as independent as possible.

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Bernd Warnke
Editor of PTB Reports, PTB Annual Reports, special editions of PTB's journal "PTB-Mitteilungen"
Phone: +49 (0)531 592-9321,
E-mail: bernd.warnke(at)ptb.de