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Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing (in German: "Interne Revision", abbreviated to IR) has the task of carrying out independent audits within PTB on behalf of PTB's management and supports PTB's management in assuming the overall responsibilities for PTB. IR reports directly to the President.


IR draws up risk analyses in which the risks associated with PTB's business processes and the internal control systems which exist at PTB in order to detect such risks are identified and evaluated. From these analyses, IR derives topics for audits and compiles them in annual audit plans. Based on the audit plans approved by the President, IR conducts process-independent audits that cover all of PTB's business processes and all of its administrative activities. In doing so, IR examines the legality, regularity, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness of administrative actions using a systematic, holistic and targeted approach. Any deviations that have been found are analyzed and recommendations given as to how the performance of the respective tasks can be improved.