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Fundamental Physics for Metrology

FPM Seminar

Upcoming FPM seminar

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The institute seminar is held on tuesdays at 4pm in the seminar room of RZB8.


Date Speaker Title
16.04.2024 Sophia Strnat Vortex electron scattering by atomic targets
09.04.2024 Christopher Mertens An introduction to dish - a lightweight DIrac Solver for Hydrogen-like systems
05.03.2024 Sophia Strnat and Riaan Schmidt Rehearsals for DPG spring meeting
27.02.2024 Karl Essink Progress report: Transmission of twisted light through vapor cell
20.02.2024 Jan Friese Laser-atom interaction with a trapped hydrogen atom
23.01.2024 Yatin Jaiswal Rehearsal for Extreme Atomic Systems Riezlern. Topic: Two beam interference in Rindler spacetime


Date Speaker Title
05.12.2023 Jonas Sommerfeldt Rehearsal, PhD thesis
28.11.2023 Jan Richter Resonant Scattering in External Fields
24.11.2023 Luca Nieding Rehearsal, Bachelor's thesis
24.11.2023 Hilke Wellnitz Rehearsal, Bachelor's thesis
14.11.2023 Thilo Schmidt Rehearsal, Bachelor's thesis
07.11.2023 Jonas Sommerfeldt Delbrück Scattering and the Optical Theorem
24.10.2023 Jan Gilles Rehearsal, Bachelor's thesis
18.07.2023 Sebastian Ulbricht The Metrological Triangle - its role in the new SI and future perspectives
11.07.2023 Shreyas Ramakrishna Detecting the oscillating magnetic field using vector light atom interaction
04.07.2023 Yannik Guhrt Progress Report: Two-Photon Decay in Hydrogenlike Systems and of K-Holes in Singly Ionized Atoms
13.06.2023 Jonas Sommerfeldt Low-energy tests of Delbrück scattering
30.05.2023 Luca Nieding Progress report: Interaction of twisted light with a single trapped ion; Heating Effects
23.05.2023 Lalita Sharma Relativistic Calculations for Atomic Structures and Electron Impact Excitation of Impurity Ions
16.05.2023 Anna Viatkina Calculation of isotope shifts and King plot nonlinearities in Ca+
09.05.2023 Jakob Geisler Introduction to Mathematical Physics and Renormalization Group Theory
25.04.2023 Riaan Schmidt Probing Properties of Twisted Light by the Hanle Effect
18.04.2023 Thilo Schmidt Progress Report: Interpretation of Transition Amplitudes of Yb+ with Neural Networks
11.04.2023 Anna Viatkina Isotope Shifts and King-Plot Nonlinearities in Ca+
04.04.2023 Kateryna Korshynska Muon Collider Sensitivity to BSM Models with Extra Gauge Bosons and Heavy Neutral Leptons
28.03.2023 Yatin Jaiswal Light propagation in a static gravitational field
21.03.2023 Jan Richter Resonant X-Ray Scattering on Highly Charged Ions in Magnetic Fields
28.02.2023 Sophia Strnat Rehearsal for DPG Spring Meeting. Topic: Scattering of Twisted Electron Wave Packets by Crystals
21.02.2023 Anton Peshkov Rehearsal for DPG Spring Meeting. Topic: Interaction of Structured Light with a Single Trapped Atom


Date Speaker Title
23.08.2022 Sophia Strnat Elastic x-ray scattering by highly charged ions
16.08.2022 Yannik Guhrt Review of B-Splines and some Applications
09.08.2022 Mykhailo Rakov Dynamic Mean Field Theory in Solid State Matter
19.07.2022 Mathis Haase Polarization-Gradient Cooling of Neutral Atoms with Twisted Light
12.07.2022 Andrey Surzhykov Two-Photon Decay and Green's Function
05.07.2022 Jonas Sommerfeldt Delbrück scattering above the pair production threshold
28.06.2022 Robert Waltner Progress report
21.06.2022 Nataliia Bazhan Generation of Josephson vortices in stacked toroidal BECs
15.06.2022 Felix Karbstein Quantum vacuum effects in strong macroscopic electromagnetic fields
07.06.2022 Kateryna Korshynska Self-gravitating bosonic dark matter in galactic haloes
31.05.2022 Riaan Schmidt 3rd Rehearsal, Master's thesis defense talk
24.05.2022 Yelyzaveta Nikolaieva Stable spinning solitonic structures in Bose-condensates from atoms to galactic dark matter halos
17.05.2022 Riaan Schmidt 2nd Rehearsal, Master's thesis defense talk
10.05.2022 Sophia Strnat Polarization studies on Rayleigh scattering of hard x rays
02.05.2022 Riaan Schmidt 1st Rehearsal, Master's thesis defense talk
26.04.2022 Jonas Sommerfeldt Calculations of Delbrück scattering to all orders in αZ
15.03.2022 Michael Weyrauch A few remarks to Light-by-Light and Delbrück scattering
08.03.2022 Anna Viatkina 2nd Rehearsal, PhD defense talk
01.03.2022 Riaan Schmidt Results of light-by-light scattering
15.02.2022 Anna Viatkina 1st Rehearsal, PhD defense talk
08.02.2022 Sophia Strnat Electron impact excitation of hydrogen-like ions: A short introduction
01.02.2022 Sebastian Ulbricht 2nd Rehearsal, PhD defense talk
25.01.2022 Mathis Haase Progress report
18.01.2022 Sebastian Ulbricht 1st Rehearsal, PhD defense talk


Date Speaker Title
15.12.2021 Anna Viatkina King-plot nonlinearities: A short introduction
07.12.2021 Dorothee Hüser Electron microscopy at Division 5 of PTB
30.11.2021 Jonas Sommerfeldt Coulomb corrections to Delbrück scattering
23.11.2021 Yuxiong Duan Progress report: Spin-to-orbital-angular-momentum conversion of an atom in a non-paraxial light field
16.11.2021 Pallav Mohan Probing physics beyond the Standard Model using precision atomic and nuclear processes at low energies
09.11.2021 Marcel Reginatto On classical-quantum interactions and the nature of gravity
02.11.2021 Riaan Schmidt Light-by-light scattering in lowest order pertubation theory
26.10.2021 Andrey Surzhykov Isotope shift spectroscopy with highly-charged ions
13.07.2021 Tim Ostenberg Master Rehearsal
06.07.2021 Yuxiong Duan Ph.D. Rehearsal
29.06.2021 Tim Ostenberg Master Rehearsal
22.06.2021 Riaan Schmidt Delbrück scattering in lowest-order Born approximation
15.06.2021 Mohan Pallav Search for the CP violation in high-energy experiments
08.06.2021 Yuxiong Duan Ph.D. Rehearsal
01.06.2021 Jan Richter Parity-violation studies with partially stripped ions
25.05.2021 Mathis Haase Bachelor Overview Talk
18.05.2021 Yuriy Bidasyuk, Lars Nückel & Anton Peshkov Stimulated Raman Transitions of Trapped Atoms in Twisted Light Fields (continuation)
11.05.2021 Yuriy Bidasyuk, Lars Nückel & Anton Peshkov Stimulated Raman Transitions of Trapped Atoms in Twisted Light Fields
04.05.2021 Yuxiong Duan Work review: BEC interacting with twisted light
27.04.2021 Michael Weyrauch Quantum Computing Basics
20.04.2021 Lars Nückel Stimulated Raman transitions of trapped atoms in twisted light fields
13.04.2021 Marc Momme Collective dynamics and quantum transport in long bosonic Josephson junctions 2
06.04.2021 Marc Momme Collective dynamics and quantum transport in long bosonic Josephson junctions
30.03.2021 Anton Peshkov & Andrey Surzhykov Rabi oscillations induced by twisted light: center-of-mass motion effects
23.03.2021 Robert Müller & Michael Weyrauch Quantum Computing
16.03.2021 Jan Richter Parity non-conservation and Stark effect
09.03.2021 Yuriy Bidasyuk Finite temperature BECs
02.03.2021 Anton Peshkov Optical pumping of atoms with twisted light
23.02.2021 Robert Müller Isotope Shift and New Physics
16.02.2021 Jonas Sommerfeldt Coulomb corrections to Delbrück scattering
09.02.2021 Sophia Strnat Rayleigh Scattering of X-Rays by Closed-Shell Atoms
02.02.2021 Jan Friese Bachelor Rehearsal
26.01.2021 Sebastian Ulbricht Impact of Earth's Gravity on the Frequency Stabilization of Optical Cavities


Date Speaker Title
15.12.2020 Andrey Surzhykov Resonant elastic photon scattering
08.12.2020 Robert Müller Christmas Lecture
01.12.2020 Jan Richter Parity non-conservation and Stark effect
24.11.2020 Robert Müller Upcoming Seminars
10.11.2020 Jonas Kreidelmeyer Interferometry of Coupled States in Gravity (Rehearsal 2)
27.10.2020 Jonas Kreidelmeyer Interferometry of Coupled States in Gravity (Rehearsal 1)
20.10.2020 Jonas Sommerfeldt Nuclear excitation of Thorium
13.10.2020 Jan Friese Tracking vortices in BECs
06.10.2020 Lars Nückel Landau Transitions in Atoms
29.09.2020 Cajetan Heinz Rotating Spinor BECs
22.09.2020 Sophia Strnat Polarization studies on elastic Rayleigh scattering
15.09.2020 Robert Müller Neural networks and physics
08.09.2020 Jonas Sommerfeldt Exact calculations of Delbrück scattering (Fortschrittsbericht)
01.09.2020 Andrey Surzhykov Isotope shift and search for new physics
25.08.2020 Anton Peshkov The Liouville Equation
18.08.2020 Marc Momme The Bogoliubov transformation - An introduction
11.08.2020 Andrey Surzhykov Spin polarization in storage rings
04.08.2020 Yuxiong Duan Spin-orbital angular momentum coupling in spinor BEC
28.07.2020 Jan Richter Parity nonconservation in hydrogen-like ions
21.07.2020 Stephan Fritzsche Jena Atomic Calculator
14.07.2020 Robert Müller Path integral formalism for the harmonic oscillator
07.07.2020 Yuriy Bidasyuk Spinning BECs
30.06.2020 Michael Weyrauch Luttinger liquid properties from thensor network data - a casual walk along various concepts and techniques of many body theory.
23.06.2020 Anton Peshkov Resonant scattering
16.06.2020 Andrey Surzhykov Isotope shift and search for new physics
09.06.2020 Jonas Sommerfeldt Finite Basis Expansion of the Relativistic Green's Function
19.05.2020 Sabrina Schulz Excitation of Atoms by Twisted Light
03.03.2020 Sophia Strnat Polarization transfer in Rayleigh scattering
25.02.2020 Marc Momme Josephson effects in coupled anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensates
18.02.2020 Sebastian Ulbricht Gravitational Light Bending in a Fabry-Perot Cavity
04.02.2020 Kostia Kovtunenko Topological phases in spin-orbital coupled BEC
28.01.2020 Igor Ivanov Surprises in twisted particle collisions
21.01.2020 Mykhailo Rakov Loop algorithm for 2D tensor network renormalization
14.01.2020 Yuxiong Duan Continuous phase transition in spinor Bose-Einstein condensate with spin-orbital angular momentum coupling


Date Speaker Title
17.12.2019 Maximilian Reichert One-electron atom in curved spacetime and non-inertial motion
10.12.2019 Andrey Surzhykov Parity violation experiments at gamma factory
3.12.2019 Carsten Brandau Towards Heavy-Ion Storage Ring Investigations of In-flight Synthesized Highly-Charged 229Th
26.11.2019 Robert Müller Direct realization of the kilogram on the uN-level
19.11.2019 Dorothee Tell Cold atoms in gravity for tests of fundamental physics
12.11.2019 Robert Müller progress reports
29.10.2019 Jonas Sommerfeldt Polarization effects in bound-free pair production
15.10.2019 Anton Peshkov Spin-polarization effects in Cherenkov radiation from electrons
08.10.2019 Maximilian Reichert One-electron atom in curved spacetime and non-inertial motion
01.10.2019 Robert Müller How to give a talk
17.09.2019 Robert Müller Investigation of atomic Nuclei via electronic processes
10.09.2019 Anton Peshkov Scattering of twisted light from a crystal
03.09.2019 Vladimir Zaytsev Ab initio QED Treatment of the Two-Photon Annihilation of Positrons with Bound Electrons
27.08.2019 Sabrina Schulz Polarization states of twisted light (progress report)
20.08.2019 Sebastian Ulbricht Probing Einstein's Theory of Gravity in Earth-based Laser Cavity Experiments
13.08.2019 Sophia Strnat Density matrix formalism and polarization analysis of Rayleigh scattering (progress report)
06.08.2019 Robert Müller Relativistic atomic physics in Python
30.07.2019 Mykhailo Rakov Energy spectra and phase diagrams of 1D quantum systems obtained by higher-order tensor renormalization group (progress report)
23.07.2019 Yuxiong Duan Spin-orbital-momentum-coupled spinor BEC (progress report)
16.07.2019 Vladimir Yerokhin Energy levels of highly-charged ios
02.07.2019 Stefan Buhmann Taming the quantum vacuum: Macroscopic Quantum Electrodynamics (faculty kolloquium)
25.06.2019 Marc Scheffler Superconducting Domes In Granular Aluminum And Doped SrTiO3 (faculty kolloquium)
18.06.2019 Jürgen Schnack Magnetism of free and deposit magnetic molecules (faculty kolloquium)
11.06.2019 Sophia Strnat Polarization analysis in Rayleigh scattering (introduction)
04.06.2019 Jonas Sommerfeldt Rocket science
28.05.2019 Marc Momme Coherent excitations and tunneling dynamics in Long Bose-Josephson junctions
21.05.2019 Andrey Surzhykov Fundamental atomic processes in ultra-relativistic collisions with highly-charged ions (progress report)
14.05.2019 Jan-Philipp Kühl Electron scattering on atoms and moleculs
07.05.2019 Robert Müller An introduction to squeezed states of light
30.04.2019 Mykhailo Rakov Characterization of strongly correlated finite-size quantum systems by tensor networks (topical review)
23.04.2019 Yuriy Bidasyuk Ground state phases of the spin-orbit-angular-momentum coupled Bose-Einstein condensates (progress report)
17.04.2019 Jonas Sommerfeldt Polarization effects in bound-free pair production
02.04.2019 Yuxiong Duan Science Slam rehersal
26.03.2019 Robert Müller Seismic influences on atomic clocks (idea proposal)
19.03.2019 Andrey Surzhykov Optical pumping of hyperfine ionic levels: Production of polarized ions (progress report)
05.03.2019 Sabrina Schulz Suppression of the AC-Stark shift by vortex light beams
05.03.2019 Sebastian Ulbricht penning traps in gravity: Implications for free electron g-factor measurements
26.02.2019 Robert Müller Excitation of 229Th 2+ via a 2-photon transition
19.02.2019 Marc Momme Plasma oscillations in Long Bose-Josephson junctions
12.02.2019 Yuxiong Duan Spin-orbital-angular-momentum coupled Bose-Einstein condensates (overview)
05.02.2019 Maximilian Reichert Fermions in gravity (introduction)
29.01.2019 Artur Zrenner Coherent Optoelectronics With Single Quantum Dots (faculty colloquium)
22.01.2019 Sabrina Schulz Polarization of Twisted Light (progress report)
15.01.2019 Hagen Hofmann Molecular Systems Biophysics – From Molecules To Networks (faculty colloquium)


Date Speaker Title
11.12.2018 Koen van Kruining Twisted electrons in electromagnetic fields
04.12.2018 Yann Gallais Shining Light On Quantum Materials (faculty colloquium)
27.11.2018 Yuriy Bidasyuk Ground state properties of a spinor atomic BEC with twisted coupling (progress report)
20.11.2018 Sabrina Schulz AC Stark Effect and Twisted Light (progress report)
13.11.2018 Robert Müller Isotope shifts in Ba+ (progress report)
06.11.2018 Wulf Wulfhekel Mobile Magnetic Skyrmions (faculty kolloquium)
30.10.2018 Sebastian Ulbricht Gravitational effects in earth-based laser cavity experiments (idea proposal)
23.10.2018 Marc Momme Small amplitude oscillations in Long Bose-Josephson junctions (poster presentation)
16.10.2018 Andrey Surzhykov Control of multipole transitions by twisted light (progress report)
25.09.2018 Robert Müller MCDF calculations for dielectronic recombination (progress report)
18.09.2018 Yuxiong Duan Selection Rules and Preselection: Atomic Absorption of Twisted light (progress report)
04.09.2018 Marc Momme Macroscopic Quantum Self-Trapping in Long Bose-Josephson junctions (progress report)
28.08.2018 Sabrina Schulz Control of atomic transition multipoles by twisted light (progress report)
21.08.2018 Andrey Surzhykov Scattering of twisted electrons: A new look on relativistic collisions (topical review)
14.08.2018 Yuriy Bidasyuk Spinor Bose-Einstein condensates with twisted coupling (progress report)
07.08.2018 Mykhailo Rakov Characterizing different phases of 1D quantum systems by fixed-point tensors (progress report)
31.07.2018 Sebastian Ulbricht Energy Level Shifts in Hydrogen Atoms orbiting a Black Hole (introduction)
24.07.2018 Robert Müller Hyperfine structure of doubly charged thorium-229 (progress report)
17.07.2018 Valeriy Serbo Two processes with twisted neutrons (progress report)
10.07.2018 Vladimir Yerokhin Rydberg constant and the proton radius puzzle: status and recent developments (topical review)
03.07.2018 Yuxiong Duan Selection rules for atomic excitation with twisted light (progress report)
26.06.2018 Marc Momme Long Bose-Josephson Junction (progress report)
19.06.2018 Adriana Pálffy Nuclear/atomic clock (faculty kolloquium)