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Fundamental Physics for Metrology (FPM)

The institute “Fundamental physics for metrology” has been recently established at the PTB in order to advance the quantum theory of atomic and mesoscopic systems. The institute’s activities range from the high-precision analysis of atomic structure and collisions, to the description of coherent processes in ultra-cold quantum gases and phase transitions in magnetic systems. These research activities aim to support the development of new metrology standards, the precise determination of fundamental physical constants, and tests of fundamental symmetries of Nature.

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Workshop "Structured Light and its Applications" - 01.06.2023

TU Braunschweig is organizing a half-a-day workshop on the topic of "Structured Light and its Applications" on June 1st 2023. Everyone, from student to senior colleague, is warmly welcome. More information and a registration form can be found Opens external link in new windowhere.

Roman Borris Bachelor Defense

Roman Borris successfully gave the defense of his bachelor thesis "Quantum-classical Correspondence in Orbital Mechanics Using Klauder Coherent States". Congratulations!

(March 2023)

Extreme Atomic Systems Conference in Riezlern

Members of our group visited the conference "Extreme Atomic Systems" in Riezlern to give talks and meet colleagues from atomic physics community. During breaks, sunny weather invited hiking trips through the stunning landscape.

(February 2023)

Mathis Haase defends his thesis

Mathis Haase successfully defended his bachelor's thesis. He delivered a thesis titeled "Polarization Gradient Cooling of Neutral Atoms with Twisted Light". Congratulations and all the best!

(February 2023)

Robert Waltner defends his thesis

Robert Waltner successfully delivered and defended his bachelor's thesis titeled "Parity Violation in Muonic Atoms". Congratulations and all the best!

(January 2023)

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Sebastian Ulbricht is awarded with Walter-Kertz Studienpreis

Sebastian Ulbricht (4th from the left) received the Walter-Kertz Studienpreis for his excellent PhD thesis titled "Theoretical Investigation of Gravitational Acceleration Effects in Earth-based High Precision Experiments". Furthermore, Jan Richter (middle) and Riaan Schmidt (1st from the right) celebrated the achievement of their master's degrees. Congratulations!


(November 2022)

Field Trip to Heidepark Soltau

Our work group spent a beautiful autumn day together at Heidepark Soltau.

(October 2022)



Attendance at the 20th international HCI conference

Our PhD students Sophia Strnat (1st row, 5th from the left) and Jonas Sommerfeldt (3rd row, 1st from the left) attended the 20th international conference on the physics of highly charged ions (HCI) in Matsue, Japan, (Opens external link in new windowhttp://yebisu.ils.uec.ac.jp/hci2022/) and presented their results about Rayleigh and Delbrück scattering.

(August/September 2022)

Trip to the Heidepark

Our work group travaled to the Heidepark near Soltau as a teambuilding event.

(April 2022)

Anna Viatkina receives her PhD

Anna Viatkina successfully defended her dissertation titled "Nuclear-Structure Effects in Atomic Spectra". Congratulations and all the best!

(March 2022)

Jonas Sommerfeldt publishes novel, promising study about Delbrück scattering

For the very first time calculations of Delbrück scattering to all orders in αZ, including the Coulomb corrections, have been performed.

For more information: Opens external link in new windowPhys. Rev. A 105, 022804 

(February 2022)

Sebastian Ulbricht receives his PhD

Sebastian Ulbricht (2nd from left) has successfully defended his dissertation "Theoretical Investigation of Gravitational Acceleration Effects in Earth-based High Precision Experiments". Congratulations and all the best!

(February 2022)

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Yuxiong Duan receives his PhD

Yuxiong Duan (2nd from right) successfully defended his dissertation "Generation of vortex molecule in Bose-Einstein condensate by twisted light". Congratulations and all the best!

(July 2021)

Marc R. Momme receives his PhD

Marc R. Momme has successfully defended his dissertation "Collective dynamics and quantum transport in long bosonic Josephson junctions". Congratulations!

(Mai 2021)

Anton A. Peshkov is Reviewer of the Year 2020 of the Journal of Physics B and Outstanding Reviewer of the Journal of Physics Photonics

We congratulate on this extraordinary awards and are looking forward to prospective publications!

For more information: Opens external link in new windowJournal of Physics B und Opens external link in new windowJournal of Physics Photonics

(April 2021)