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High Performance Computing (HPC)

Section Q.45

Tasks and aims

Section Q.45, "High Performance Computing (HPC)", closes the gap between centrally supplied IT services (such as e-mail or directory services) and the diverse specific needs for innovative information technology of each scientific on-site department doing research in physics with the most state-of-the-art methods. It operates specialized database applications with a scientific background and group ware based on databases for the organization of scientific cooperation projects on behalf of PTB, and it provides hardware and system support for high-performance computing.

These demanding tasks represent highly interesting challenges for the Section's staff. These encompass modern management of the IT resources, securing and archiving large volumes of measurement data and providing consultation to the IT users, as well as configuring high-availability applications and efficient computer servers, operating virtual storage and service infrastructures and providing specialized server instances and server housing, especially for international projects in which PTB is considerably involved.

Tasks and aims

  • Identifying the needs for specific IT solutions, advising the IT users, coordinating and adjusting the IT solutions
  • Contributing to the further development of PTB's IT strategy
  • Elaborating suitable solution proposals, taking centrally supplied IT services into account, discussing and adjusting the solutions with the users
  • Implementing the solutions that have been agreed upon in test operation and in live operation
  • Complying with the IT security and data privacy provisions
  • Operating a reliable virtual infrastructure
  • Supplying or housing specialized (if need be: virtual) and highly available server and storage instances
  • Supporting the configuration and the operation of the computer service (in cooperation with Department 8.4, "Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis"
  • Providing consultation and support for the securing and archiving of data pools
  • Identifying the needs and the requirements placed on measurement data to be stored
  • Developing and operating an archiving system for measurement data
  • Migrating IT procedures in accordance with PTB's strategy