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Support by IT Specialists

Section Q.44

Tasks and aims

PTB's capacity to fulfill its role as one of the leading national metrology institutes in Europe and in the world requires a modern IT desktop infrastructure. Thanks to its practical approach, Q.44 is able to check accurately and promptly whether the IT infrastructure still meets current and future requirements. Constant adjustments and optimization processes of the IT desktop infrastructure are therefore necessary in order to cope with changes in the technical or economic environment (license management, desktop virtualization, etc.).

An ITIL-compliant service management, associated with an internal hotline, ensures that malfunctions are eliminated as promptly as possible.
Besides its service tasks in the desktop area, Section Q.44 also administrates PTB's domain infrastructure for both sites and supplies the centralized IT client management.

Overview of our tasks in keywords

  • Operating servers to maintain the destop infrastructure
  • Administrating and operating an active directory as a directory service at PTB
  • Administrating and operating systems management at PTB:
    - inventory
    - software distribution
    - reporting
    - licence surveillance
  • Supplying central patch management for destop systems,
  • Administrating and operating central printer systems,
  • Administrating and operating virtual desktop systems,
  • Operating PTB's internal IT hotline and IT services for end-users, based on ITIL to maintain the hardware functionality of all workstations and measurement computers,
  • Providing technical advice and laying down internal standards for IT purchase in the IT desktop area,
  • Software license management system according to ISI/IEC 18770.