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Metrology Networks

Section Q.41

Tasks and aims

Be it web servers or time servers, measurement computers or laptops, telephones, smartphones or alarm systems – all of them require a functioning communication infrastructure. Section Q.41 makes this infrastructure available and caters to the special communication needs of metrological research institutes. Challenging tasks of this section include collaborations that go beyond local networks; very large data volumes and disturbances in large-scale laboratories; and individual security requirements. This may pose manifold threats which demand fast reactive, but also proactive counteraction.

Overview of in our tasks in keywords

  • Enhancing of the Local Area Network (LAN),
  • LAN management (configuration management, fault management, performance management),
  • Enhancing the network,
  • Server configuration for central network services (DNS, DHCP),
  • Improving and operating the network management system,
  • Enhancing and operating the cable management system and integrating it into the network management system,
  • Enhancing, planning and implementing the e-mail system,
  • Administrating and operating the internet firewall system, administrating the tunnel server,
  • Enhancing the firewall systems
  • Maintaining the active network components (switches, routers, etc.)
  • Operating and enhancing wide-area-networks
  • Providing guidance and support to the users
  • Emergency network service
  • Communication system and fire alarm system