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Information Technology

Group Q.4

Tasks and aims

The Information Technology (IT) Group is in charge of prividing PTB with its infrastructure as well as with IT services.

The tasks of this group mainly derive from the requirement of the various divisions of PTB. This means that we provide the best possible support to PTB´s employees so that they can fulfull their tasks while increasing efficiency by means of IT solutions and enhancing intensive international scientific cooperation.

Our Group mainly deals with and explores specific topics and scientific issues from the field of metrological IT.

Some of the topics we deal with are:

  • Providing information about IT-aided metrological services such as the transmission of Legal Time (PTB's atomic clock) via the "Network Time Protocol" (NTP)
  • Research with regard to the realization of legally secure electronic lang-term archiving of research primary data (see Opens external link in new windowBeLab).

The master these tasks, the IT Group is divided into four working groups. One of these working groups is based in Berlin.

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