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Europe and the CIS

Working Group Q.51


Planning, preparation, implementation and coordination of technical cooperation projects concerning metrology, standardization, testing, quality assurance, accreditation and certification in the region of Europe/CIS and scientific technical cooperation.



Strengthening the metrology system in Azerbaijan

Contact: Opens window for sending emailMoritz Ackermann


Strengthening of the standards and metrology sector according to the best practice in the EU Member States

Contact: Opens window for sending emailStefan Wallerath


Strengthening of testing in the field of animal health

Contact: Opens window for sending emailMoritz Ackermann


Dr. Marion Stoldt

Head of Department Q.5
Head of Working Group Q.51

Chairperson for the Working Party 6 of the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Phone: (0531) 592-8200
E-Mail: marion.stoldt(at)ptb.de

Moritz Ackermann

Oliver Ditthardt

Katrin Hoffmann

Ljudmila Klein

Annette Kögler

Olga Krasota

Stefan Wallerath

Project Coordinator

South-East Europe, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova

Phone: (0531) 592-8255
E-Mail: stefan.wallerath(at)ptb.de

Tatiana Werner