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9.112 Technology Transfer

Technology transfer constitutes part of the services which PTB renders to economy and society, in accordance with its political mandate to strengthen the links between science and economy. The agreement of objectives with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) emphasizes the transfer of technology into the German economy. The term technology transfer encompasses all activities leading to an economic exploitation of the results gained by these activities.


Technology transfer has been standard practice for many years now, e.g. in research co-operations or through patent utilisation.


In addition, the following objectives are aimed to support the German economy:

  • Awareness-raising for PTB employees to strengthen the role of technology transfer.

  • Exploitation of "know-how", inventions and industrial property rights through licensing

  • Support of PTB staff in the spin-off of companies based on PTB technologies.

  • Support of mobility through temporary exchanges of staff between industry and PTB

  • Increase in the number of research co-operations with partners from industry and society.

  • Participation in committees to promote the utilisation of PTB technologies


The exploitation of technologies developed at PTB is effected under standard market conditions. Great importance is being attached to industrial property rights. They strengthen PTB’s technical and legal position in co-operation projects, while granting investment protection to the licence holders. Moreover, they serve to demonstrate the competence of PTB and thus are a starting point for future co-operations. The property rights also allow a partial return flow for expenditures funded by public budgets.


Spin-off companies constitute a valuable contribution to technology transfer. PTB advises spin-off companies in legal and organisational matters and, if required, offers facilities and usage rights. In spin-off projects as well as in research co-operations, employees will be able to work for external companies on a temporary basis.


The increased promotion of technology transfer seeks to motivate the PTB employees to keep an eye on the immediate economic benefits of their work.


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