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PTB's Guest Researcher Programme (in German Gastwissenschaftler-Programm, GaWi for short) promotes the scientific exchange of researchers from PTB with colleagues worldwide, and thus serves to create networks of scientists working on similar metrological topics.

The programme consists of two components:

  • guest researchers from all over the world visiting PTB
  • PTB scientists going abroad

Possible partner institutions for both components include National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Designated Institutes (DIs), but also universities and research institutes outside Germany as well as international organisations working in the field of metrology. These are, for example, theOpens external link in new windowBureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM),  theOpens external link in new windowInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEO) and theOpens external link in new windowWorld Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The GaWi programme provides the scientists with a monthly allowance to cover the costs of their stay.

PTB's GaWi programme is coordinated by 9.11. It is subject to an annual planning cycle: each year in September, the PTB departments submit project proposals for both components of the programme. Decisions on the proposals are made by the end of the year.

Interested persons wishing to visit PTB as a guest researcher are advised to directly contact the respective working group or department at PTB. The team of 9.11 will be happy to provide assistance on this matter. Further information can be found here:Opens internal link in current windowGastwissenschaftlerseiten