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Industrial Metrology

Section 9.11

Section 9.11 Industrial Metrology acts as a link between PTB's working groups and departments and its external partners in all areas related to Quality Infrastructure (QI). The external partners are calibration laboratories, but also testing laboratories, inspection bodies and verification authorities as well as companies working in the field of metrology. Moreover, the activities of Section 9.11 are directed towards industrial laboratories, standardisation institutes and National Metrology Institutes worldwide. Taking advantage of PTB's international relations, especially within the framework of the regional metrology organisations EURAMET and COOMET, the section’s activities go beyond the national level, thus contributing to the European and international harmonisation of QI.

Section 9.11 ensures the exchange of technical and professional information with the above-mentioned partners in the German Calibration Service (DKD). By doing so, 9.11 also contributes to ensuring the uniformity of metrology in Germany and thus fulfils one of PTB's legal mandates1. Special importance is being attached to calibration procedures – including their description and documentation – as well as to national and international rules of conformity assessment.

The transfer of know-how developed at PTB to industry is another focus of the section’s activities. The aim is to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology by appropriate measures2. In this context, particular emphasis is placed on strengthening the links between science and industry, the commercialisation of technologies developed at PTB – e. g. through the licensing of patents – as well as the support of spin-offs.

The third area of activity of 9.11 comprises the implementation of project and financial management for Twinning projects of the European Union and Administrative Partnerships of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in the field of QI, as well as the coordination of the scientific-technical cooperation with COOMET and its members, in particular with the Russian state institutes.

Other important elements for an international transfer of knowledge are the coordination of PTB's guest researcher programmes and the participation in interdisciplinary committees of EURAMET, for example regarding the European harmonisation of calibration guidelines.


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