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Study on the implementation of ASEAN Common Requirements of Pre-packaged Products (ACRPP) in AMS

Online Questionnaire


WG 3 agreed at its 32nd meeting in October 2019 the arrangements for carrying out the study of whether its two documents relating to Pre-Packaged Goods - the ASEAN Common Requirements of Pre-packaged Products (ACRPP)1 and the Handbook on the practical application of the ASEAN Common Requirements of Pre-packaged Products - have been formally adopted and effectively implemented in a consistent manner across AMS.

The first step in this study is the completion of an Online Questionnaire.  All AMS are being asked to complete the questionnaire, which is designed to provide a picture of the current situation in each AMS.  This includes not just the question of whether the ACRPP has been formally adopted, but also details of how it has been adopted (for instance, is it in national legislation or internal guidance and procedures) and how the Handbook is being used in practice. Where ACRPP has been formally adopted, AMS are asked to provide the implementing document, preferably in English) or a link to where it can be found. Where ACRPP has not yet been adopted, or has been only partially adopted, AMS are asked to explain the obstacles which exist to full implementation.

AMS are encouraged to provide additional information on the situation on pre-packaged goods in their country.  This could include, for instance, whether manufacturers are already applying ACRPP on a voluntary basis before it has been formally implemented.  AMS also have to opportunity to express concerns that have been identified with the ACRPP and/or the associated Handbook.

Use of the questionnaire

The results from the survey will be analysed by PTB experts.  For those AMS where the ACRPP have been formally adopted, the survey results will also be used to prepare for the field visits that will take place to witness pre-packages control in action.

The eventual outcome of the study will be a report to WG 3 prepared by PTB on the results of both the online survey and the field visits.  While it will be for WG 3 to decide on how this report is handled, full results will be supplied to each AMS on the findings in their own country.

The questionnaire consists of six questions and should be completed by 5 August 2020. If, for technical reasons the online format does not work, the Initiates file downloadWORD format of the questionnaire can be used instead and returned to the following email address:
Opens window for sending emailStefanie.Reichertz(at)ptb.de