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MEDEA: Metrology – Enabling Developing Economies in Asia / TC english

MEDEA: Metrology – Enabling Developing Economies in Asia

11. December 2014, Uwe Miesner - Asia

Since January 2014, PTB has been carrying out a new project in the field of metrology in Asia. The implementing partners are the following two regional metrology organizations: the Asia-Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) covering the scientific and technical aspects of metrology, and the Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF) dealing with legal metrology.

Industrial and legal metrology are the two cornerstones of a well-functioning metrology system. Both fields have to be sufficiently differentiated and yet cooperate closely together. Particularly for developing countries, in which the national metrology system is still being set up, the cooperation of both fields at regional level is of considerable importance.

One focus of the project is therefore on strengthening the cooperation of APMP and APLMF in supporting developing countries. Several areas have been identified for undertaking joint training or awareness-raising measures. The project is managed by a coordination committee made up of seven members, comprising three representatives each of both APMP and APLMF and the PTB project coordinator.

The project also focuses on the development of planning and monitoring instruments. These allow the organizations to adapt the training measures better to the needs of the members from developing countries as well as to their national development strategies.

Besides this, much technical training is planned in the form of a series of seminars, long-term work experience in laboratories and comparison measurements.