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Department 9.4

Metrology for sensor networks

Topic: Metrology for sensor networks

Sensor networks occur in industrial 4.0 environments as well as in autonomous systems that make decisions based on measurement data. The research work in this topic area focuses on linking the research work of the individual disciplines in order to address metrological questions for such sensor networks.

BMBF FAMOUS "AAS-based modeling for the analysis of changing cyber-physical systems"

For traditional industrial measurement and calibration methods, the metrological quality infrastructure is based on accredited calibration equipment and standardized evaluation methods in order to assign measured values a quantitative statement about their reliability. In the course of the digital transformation, the underlying methods must be fundamentally revised in order to be able to automatically determine the quality of measurement data in changing systems in the context of industry 4.0, since the quality and reliability of sensors can vary greatly due to different measurement capabilities and environmental influences.

In the project, individual sensors are linked to a digital twin that is able to communicate information about the measurement uncertainty. Sub-networks of sensors are combined in flexible mathematical models in order to enable machine-oriented data evaluation. With the help of organic computing methods, flexible and partially autonomous sub-networks are formed. Furthermore, a methodology is being developed to identify unsafe measuring points from aggregated measured values or characteristic values.

Contact person at PTB: Opens window for sending emailMaximilian Gruber

Website of the project: Opens external link in new windowhttps://famous-project.eu



Workflow Project FAMOUS

EMPIR-Project "Metrology for the Factory of the Future"

The "Factory of the Future" (Industry 4.0) focuses on networking and an autonomous flow of information and data in order to automate or intelligently support decisions. The aim is to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Transparency, comparability and sustainable quality assurance require reliable measurement data, data processing and confidence in the results obtained. The project "Metrology for the Factory of the Future" aims at establishing a metrological framework for the complete life cycle of measurement data in industrial IoT: from the calibration of digital sensors to the determination of measurement uncertainty in communication to methods of machine learning for data aggregation. With the implementation in realistic test fields, the practical applicability of the methods is demonstrated and templates are created for further areas of application.The project 17IND12 Met4FoF will work closely together with 17IND02 SmartCom. Both projects had their joint kick-off on June 18-19, 2018 in Braunschweig. Further information can be found on the Opens external link in new windowproject website.