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Junior group "Secure and trustworthy systems"

The junior research group acts as the link between the other groups of department 9.4 and the thematically related chairs at TU Berlin, among them SecT (Prof. Seifert), BigDaMa (Prof. Markl, Prof. Abedjan), DSI (Prof. Tschorsch) and CIT (Prof. Kao). The head of the junior research group also serves as a junior professor at TU Berlin. More information concerning our teaching activities can be found at the Opens external link in new windowcorresponding web site at TU Berlin. Research topics of our group include:

  • Design, development and evaluation of system software with a focus on safety and security, e.g., microkernels and hypervisors
  • Analysis of new security technologies in CPU designs and system-on-chip platforms
  • Prover technology for system software, especially for operating on the final machine code
  • Construction of secure distributed cloud services, development of necessary communication protocols

Additional the junior group is closely involved in the topic area "Opens internal link in current windowDigital transformation in the quality infrastructure".