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Latin America and the Caribbean

Working Group 9.33


Planning, preparation, implementation and coordination of international cooperation projects concerning metrology, standardization, testing, quality assurance, accreditation and certification in the regions of Latin America and the Caribbean.


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Strengthening quality infrastructure in the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency

Contact: Opens window for sending emailRicarda Stüwe

Strengthening quality infrastructure for electrical energy efficiency

Contact: Opens window for sending emailFranziska Kamm


Quality Infrastructure for Environmental and Climate Protection in Guatemala

Contact: Opens window for sending emailAngelika König


Strengthening quality assuring services for the drinking water and the waste water sector

Contact: Opens window for sending emailRegina Pöhlmann


Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional Fund Quality Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Climate Protection

Period: 2014-2021

Short Evaluation Report


Quality Infrastructure for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Laufzeit: 2013-2017

Short Evaluation Report