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Reference measurement procedures for the determination of stem cell concentrations


About 50000 stem cell transplantations are performed per year worldwide. An accurate measurement of stem cell concentration of the transplant is needed for successful treatments with stem cells e.g. in leukaemia. Established clinical measurements are based on relative counting, i.e. the concentration of the stem cells is given in relation to the concentration of leukocytes or artificial micro-beads. In contrast to that, PTB developed a volumetric measurement procedure for an accurate determination of stem cell concentrations in cooperation with the Städtisches Klinikum Karlsruhe. An additional registration of leucocytes or micro-beads is not needed anymore. This allows a validation of the routine clinical diagnostic procedures for the first time.

J. Neukammer, M. Kammel, J. Höckner, A. Kummrow, A. Ruf „Referenzverfahren zur Messung von Stammzellkonzentrationen“ BIOspektrum 21 (2015), 3, 294-297 DOI: 10.1007/s12268-015-0577-8

Contact: J. Neukammer (joerg.neukammer(at)ptb.de); M. Kammel (martin.kammel(at)ptb.de); A. Kummrow (andreas.kummrow(at)ptb.de)