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Germany, Switzerland and Austria present coordinated WELMEC 7.2 Software Guide 2023 in German.


Abbildung: Deckblatt der deutschen Version des WELMEC Software Guides

The WELMEC Guide 7.2 "Software" is the most widely used WELMEC guide in Europe and is now also available in German in its updated and revised version 2023. 

The translation was coordinated between the three countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria and has been available on the WELMEC website since November 2023 (www.welmec.org). 

The template of the German revision is the basis for determining Guide 7.2 as document representing the "state of the art" by the Regulatory Assessment Committee (REA). The REA determines rules, findings and technical specifications for measuring instruments, for conformity assessment procedures and for persons using measuring instruments or measured values on the basis of the state of the art in accordance with Section 46 of the Measurement and Verification Act. 

This guide provides European Notified Bodies, manufacturers of measuring instruments and surveillance authorities with harmonized technical interpretations of the essential requirements of the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID and NAWID; 31/2014/EU and 32/2014/EU). 

Manufacturers of measuring devices that follow these harmonized requirements can be sure that their products will be accepted by the conformity assessment bodies of the member states throughout Europe. The WELMEC Guides thus contribute significantly to the removal of non-tariff barriers to trade, accelerate market access for innovative products and thus promote the European Single Market.

The WELMEC Software Guides are available here: www.welmec.org 

The update of Guide 7.2 is in the hands of WELMEC Working Group 7 "Software", which is led by PTB-FB 8.5 "Metrological IT". Working Group 7 "Software" consists of 27 members from the European Member States and representatives of relevant industry associations. 

The Guide 7.2 "Software" and the documents derived from it (Guide 7.3-7.6) simplify the development and conformity assessment of measuring systems in legal metrology and thus accelerate the time-to-market of innovative products in the European Single Market.

(F. Thiel, FB 8.5, florian.thiel(at)ptb.de, M. Esche, FB 8.5, marko.esche(at)ptb.de)