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Reference Architecture for Secure Cloud Computing in Legal Metrology


The reference architecture serves as a framework to guarantee the secure execution of all legal metrology related functions within the cloud. The secure implementation will be guaranteed for all economic operators, i.e. the notified body, the manufacturer, the user and the market surveillance, and thus the trust will be enhanced in a cloud based measuring instrument solutions. The trust in the correct measurement and the correct billing leads further to a broad acceptance of new technologies  for the end-user, who is the reason to be protected by legal metrology in the first place.

Cloud solutions are more flexible, scalable and cost-efficient in contrast to traditional classical IT infrastructure. Cost-effectiveness is realized by a higher utilization of the server hardware through virtualization. This leads to less idle hardware and more productive use of existing infrastructure. Further is centralized hardware in data centers more cost-effective in terms of competent IT support and  has only to be paid by used computing time and resources. Thus companies become more flexible and can free financial resources. Furthermore the need to find adequate IT personnel which is able to secure IT infrastructure against current threats can encountered by subcontracting cloud service providers.



Figure 1: Schema of the reference architecture for secure and trustworthy cloud computing.


System architectures will be built in cooperation with the Technische Universität Berlin (TU-Berlin), that profit from a modular design and conform to the requirements of the Measurement Instrument Directive (MID) of the European Union as well as the WELMEC 7.2 Software Guide. Moreover will be a trust chain implemented between the different modules by utilizing a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that can guarantee a secure system state. The research in fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) will increase the security of virtual machines (VM) among them and provide protection against unauthorized access and malicious administrators. FHE provides the possibility to compute encrypted data without the need to decrypt it first. The cloud reference architecture builds upon the research and experience of microkernel architecture for measuring instruments, which has been built at the department 8.5 (Peters, 2015). By implementing this technology the measuring instrument is already separated into modules on the lowest level and thus securely processes the measuring data for encryption and transport. The measuring data will be secured by TLS sent to the cloud and received by a dedicated VM and then processed further by different VMs, these are in particular the legally relevant (L) services, the Key & Signature Management (K), Storage Management (S), Download Management (D) and non-legally relevant (N) services.



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