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Metrological Information Technology

Department 8.5


Service and cross-sectional tasks in the field of information technology in regulated metrology: 

  • Conformity assessment of complex software and ICT components in regulated measuring instruments ((2014/32/EU), MessEG).
  • Type approval of gambling machines (GewO).
  • Type approval of digital voting systems (BWahlGV).
  • Software testing of industrial sensor networks (DIN EN 12830).
  • Research and development projects for the scientific and technical advancement of metrological services and for technology transfer.
  • National and international harmonization of legal metrology in the field of software, information and communication technology (WELMEC, OIML).  
  • Consulting and coordination activities for politics, economy and authorities.
  • Assessment activities for the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) and for the Conformity Assessment Body (KBS) of PTB.

The department is a faculty member of the Helmholtz Research School on Security Technologies (HRSST).


Abbildung 1: SMGW mit den Netzwerken für den Anschlussnutzer (HAN), die Messtechnik (LMN und dem Anschluss an Weitverkehrsnetze (WAN)

Special, certified software is required for the reliable visualisation of consumption data on intelligent metering systems (smart meters).

As part of the digitalisation of the energy transition, such software must meet the requirements of the Metering Point Operation Act (MsbG) and the specifications of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the smart meter gateway.


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Figure 1: Basic procedure for risk-based monitoring of the functional properties of measuring device software using a learnt state machine (DFA). The initially learned model Mold is continually compared with newly learned models Mnew, unless the compariso

Conformity assessment processes for modified software should be made even more efficient and manufacturers of measuring instruments should be able to make changes to certified software during operation without having to have the entire software tested again.

For this purpose, PTB Working Group 8.51 "Metrological Software" proposed and analysed a new approach for monitoring the functional...

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Abbildung: Deckblatt der deutschen Version des WELMEC Software Guides

The WELMEC Guide 7.2 "Software" is the most widely used WELMEC guide in Europe and is now also available in German in its updated and revised version 2023. 

The translation was coordinated between the three countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria and has been available on the WELMEC website since November 2023 (www.welmec.org). 

The template of the German revision is the basis for determining...

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