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Sensor Network Metrology for the Determination of Electrical Grid Characteristics

06/2014 - 05/2017


  • European Metrology Research Programme (Opens external link in new windowEMRP)

At present electricity distribution consists of centrally managed passive grids. However, the need to integrate renewable energy generation has led to the development of active distribution grids where energy is fed in at the LV and MV levels. Knowledge of the topology and power flow of such grids is limited, but this information is vital: to enable further integration of renewable and smart grid technologies; to provide for effective smart grid control and to ensure continuity of supply, with a reduced possibility of blackouts. To provide the necessary information for grid observation and control, networks of sensors are placed at multiple points in the grid. Such instrumentation is costly to install and maintain and the correct balance must be found between instrumentation cost and providing information of sufficient quality for effective grid observation and control. This project will develop and validate new methods and implemented algorithms for the determination of electrical grid characteristics for present and future Smart Grids.


  • 10 European national Metrology Institutes and Research Institutes
  •   7 Industrial partners ("Collaborators")


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