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Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation

08/2012 - 07/2015


  • European Metrology Research Programme (Opens external link in new windowEMRP)

The project develops novel approaches to measurement uncertainty evaluation and enable their consistent application, illustrated by appropriate case studies. The dissemination of these methods is ensured by providing input for future revisions of the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM), its supplements and other relevant documents and by providing algorithms and software. It focuses on three areas where new uncertainty analysis methods are needed: inverse and regression problems, computationally expensive model functions, conformity assessment and reliable decision-making.

In addition, the project emphasizes application of these methods to challenging areas where a strong need for new uncertainty evaluation methods has been identified. These include new analytical technologies for biochemistry and biotechnology (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays - ELISA, polymerase chain reaction - PCR), transport processes (fluid flow, thermophysical properties of materials), industry and regulation (scatterometry, fire safety engineering, conformance testing for healthcare products).


  • 10 European National Metrology Institutes
  •   1 Industrial partner


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