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Download of the Richardson-Lucy software

NameInitiates file downloadRichardson-Lucy for spectral deconvolution
TypeMATLAB, Python


The correction of deviations in spectra measured with a spectrometer is often necessary in order to obtain accurate results. The classical approach for such a correction is based on a method by Stearns. However, we demonstrated in

   S. Eichstädt, F. Schmähling, G. Wübbeler, K. Anhalt, L. Bünger, K. Krüger and C. Elster (2013). Comparison of the Richardson-Lucy method and a classical approach for spectrometer bandpass correction. Metrologia 50, 107-118 (doi: 10.1088/0026-1394/50/2/107).


that the Richardson-Lucy method can produce much better results. Therefore, PTB Working Group 8.42 has written a software implementation of an adapted Richardson-Lucy method with an automatic stopping rule. This software includes MATLAB code as well as a graphical user interface written in Python.

In case of questions, remarks or suggestions, please contact Opens window for sending emailSascha Eichstädt.


This software package actually consists of two independent packages: Matlab and Python implementation of the Richardson-Lucy method for 1D spectral deconvolution. Detailed instructions can be found in the respective folder.

An example of using the Python APIs as an HTML file: Initiates file downloaddownload