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The propagation of measurement uncertainty using the GUM Supplement 1 Monte Carlo method requires efficient implementation in the case of dynamic measurements in order to achieve high accuracies. The reason is that the high dimensionality of the measurand in dynamic measurements requires large computer memory in a standard implementation of the Monte Carlo method. Thus, high accuracy with the standard implementation is possible only by using high performance computers. To this end, Working Group 8.42 has developed an efficient implementation of Monte Carlo for the propagation of uncertainties with digital filters, described in


S. Eichstädt, A. Link, P. Harris and C. Elster (2012). Efficient implementation of a Monte Carlo method for uncertainty evaluation in dynamic measurements. Metrologia 49, 401-410 (doi:10.1088/0026-1394/49/3/401).

The proposed method has been implemented in MATLAB in order to make it available to users in a convenient way.

In case of questions, remarks or suggestions, please contact Opens window for sending emailSascha Eichstädt.


SMC_SSSequential Monte Carlo for state space model of digital filter
SMC_FSequential Monte Carlo for difference model of digital filter
BMCStandard implementation
UMCUpdating Monte Carlo for difference model of digital filter