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Metrology of small structures for the manufacturing of electronic and optical devices

11/2011- 10/2014


  • European Metrology Research Programme (Opens external link in new windowEMRP)

Dimensional metrology of small structures is a basic subject important for applications within a wide variety of areas mainly in the semiconductor and optical industries but also in mechanical engineering (e.g. length and angle encoders) as well as in biological and medical industries. Dimensional metrology of high-end laterally structured functional surfaces is a constant challenge due to the progressive minimisation of structures combined with an increasing impact of feature details on the functionality of these surfaces. The development of sophisticated dimensional metrology of structures in the sub micrometer-range is therefore an important condition for the further development of technologies for optics and semiconductor industries.

Scatterometry is a promising measurement technique for dimensional metrology since it is fast, non-destructive and has basically no “resolution limit”. However, so far scatterometry is not capable of performing absolute form measurement. The goal of this project is to overcome this limitation by improving according measurement and data analysis methods. The investigations and results of this project will enable the design, development, characterisation and calibration of a scatterometry reference standard to face the tough specifications demanded nowadays.




  • 8 European National Metrology or Research Institutes
  • 2 Companies

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