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Cytological and Biomolecular Measuring Procedures

Working Group 8.32

Microfluidic flow cytometers


  RWTH Aachen Universität, Institut für Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik

Microfluidic chip for optical and AC impedance counting of cells up to 100 MHz

The Working Group develops microfluidic flow cytometers for cell counting. Counting speed and resolution of these devices are comparable with conventional instruments. Applications range from differentiation of blood cells to diagnostic parameters of infectious diseases. Counting and differentiation of particles uses optical as well as electrical detection.

The small size of microfluidic components offer distinct advantages compared to conventional sensors. Low production costs allow usage as disposable units, and integration in lab-on-chip systems for near-patient testing.

The measurement of the impedance change with direct current when particles pass through a measurement orifice allows differentiation of particles by volume only. Using AC impedance measurements at alternating currents up to 100 MHz, the signals furnish information about the interior of the cell. At these frequencies, a small stray capacitance of the electrodes allows sensitive particle detection, which can more easily be implemented in microstructures.


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