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Cytological and Biomolecular Measuring Procedures

Working Group 8.32

Characterization of artificial blood substitutes


  Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (grant MNPQ Projekt 12/14)

  12/2015 – 11/2018


  CC-Ery GmbH Berlin


Flow cytometric characterization of blood and blood substitutes

Artificial blood substitutes have a high potential to improve patient care in the case of shortages of suitable donor blood. In Europe alone, several million litres of blood are annually required. In this project, haemoglobin microparticles are investigated, which are suitable as artificial blood substitutes.

The concentration of the haemoglobin microparticles is quantified by flow cytometry. The spectral dependence of the optical properties of the suspended microparticles is determined by measurements of the collimated and diffuse transmission as well as the diffuse reflection.
The research focuses on the determination of important quality parameters such as the content of haemoglobin and inoperative methaemoglobin, and the oxygen saturation of the microparticles. Quantification of these parameters is essential for the intended approval as blood substitute. These parameters are also needed for quality assurance in fabrication of the artificial blood substitute.

Subsequently, the previously mentioned parameters will be quantified in defined mixtures of haemoglobin microparticles and blood to simulate laboratory diagnostics. Routine instruments deliver incorrect values in this situation. Therefore, the results will provide the basis for a re-calibration, and will thus facilitate the application of this blood substitute as oxygen carrier in medicine.


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