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Optical Medical Imaging

Working Group 8.31


The working group carries out research and development on non-invasive methods for medical diagnostics and monitoring of therapy in the fields of biomedical optics. The work is focused on methods for quantitative measurement of the distribution of important biomarkers in living tissue like hemoglobin concentration and blood oxygen saturation, and on methods for the detection of fluorescence signals emitted by labeled cells ex vivo or by contrast agents and molecular probes in vivo. The group develops optical spectroscopic imaging techniques that are tested on tissue equivalent phantoms as well as in clinical and preclinical studies. Moreover, algorithms are developed that enable quantification of tissue optical properties and biomarker concentrations in vivo and cell concentrations ex vivo.

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Measurement of spectral absorption:

The working group offers calibration of optical reference filters for wavelengths from 300 nm to 850 nm.



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