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Biomedical Optics

Department 8.3


As age-related illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases become more and more relevant, new approaches and improved methods for medical diagnosis and therapy are required. Quantitative and differential-diagnostical methods help to determine early, precise and individual treatment decisions by enabling accurate and reliable identification of disease-specific parameters. Optical measurement and imaging techniques provide valuable contributions to this end.

At the department "Biomedical Optics" of the PTB  measurement procedures in this field are developed, examined and tested, in cooperation with clinical partners. Flow-cytometry, microscopic measurement techniques and quantitative nucleic acid diagnostics of cells and (bio-) molecules underpin metrology to support laboratory diagnostics. One goal of this work is the development of reference measurement procedures and values, to enable & support the federally mandated quality assurance of tests in laboratory medicine. Non-invasive quantitative determination of important biomarkers (e.g. concentration of haemoglobin, oxygen saturation) in tissue, as well as in-vivo imaging of pathological changes using fluorescencelabelled probes, round out the tasks of the department. For this purpose, opto-spectroscopic measurement and imaging techniques are developed and examined.

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