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New MRM Highlights Pick


Last fall, the research paper "Wirelessly interfacing sensor-equipped implants and MR scanners for improved safety and imaging" by Berk Silemek, Lukas Winter, and colleagues was published in Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (MRM). This article was now chosen as an MRM Highlights Pick "… because they openly shared design files and software for the MRI implant sensor they developed" (see gitlab1.ptb.de/mri-lab/reference-wireless-implant). Recently, Berk and Lukas were invited to explain their research and the motivation behind it in two successive interviews for MR Pulse, the official blog of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, the professional society publishing the MRM journal (blog.ismrm.org/2024/02/28/qa-with-berk-silemek-and-lukas-winter/ and blog.ismrm.org/2024/03/01/reproducible-research-insights-with-berk-silemek-and-lukas-winter/).


Lukas Winter, E-Mail: 📧 lukas.winter(at)ptb.de