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Open-source MRI


Open-source practices and resources in MRI have increased substantially over the past years. This trend started with software and data being published open-source, but more recently open-source hardware designs are increasingly becoming available, too. The plentitude of open-source soft- and hardware products that are meanwhile available for all kind of MRI related purposes makes it increasingly difficult for non-specialists to keep an overview and find the best-suited solution for their needs. To assist the community in this matter, Lukas Winter, Christoph Kolbitsch, and Martin Häuer from PTB's research groups 8.11 and 8.13 teamed up with colleagues from Sheffield (UK), San Sebastian (ES), Lisbon (PT), Aberdeen(UK) and Leiden (NL) to summarize the state of affairs in a review article in NMR in Biomedicine (Lukas Winter, João Periquito, Christoph Kolbitsch, Ruben Pellicer-Guridi, Rita G. Nunes, Martin Häuer, Lionel Broche, Tom O'Reilly: Open-source MRI: Improving access, science, and education through global collaboration, doi: 10.1002/nbm.5052)


Lukas Winter, E-Mail: 📧 lukas.winter(at)ptb.de