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Biomedical Magnetic Resonance

Department 8.1

MRI lab

In Berlin-Charlottenburg PTB's MRI group is running a 3-tesla whole-body MRI scanner. Technical developments and phantom measurements are either done autonomously or in cooperation with external partners from science or industry. Clinical studies or other investigations involving human volunteers are carried out together with medical research groups.

3-tesla MRI scanner

Siemens Verio whole-body scanner

Manufacturer Siemens
Installation December 2009
Static field 2.89 T
Mass 8.3 t
Dimensions L × W × H = 163 cm × 230 cm × 222 cm
Free bore 70 cm
He reservoir 1500 L
ΔB0/B0 ±1.4 ppm (ø 40 cm)
Drift 0.1 ppm/h
Gradients 45 mT/m
Slew rate 200 T/m/s
1H frequency 123.2 MHz

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Transmit and receive system

Single-channel transmission (1H)

Frequency 123,2 MHz
RF amplifier Astex RFPA
Peak power 35 kW

Single-channel transmission (X nuclei)

Frequency range 30−130 MHz
RF amplifier Dressler LPPA 13080W
Peak power 8 kW

Transmit array (1H)

Channel 8
Frequency 123,2 MHz
RF amplifier Analogic AN8135-S8
Peak power 8 kW per channel
Special features each channel individually programmable in amplitude, frequency, and phase
8-channel RF supervisor for patient safety
Installation February 2010

Receive system

Channel 32
Frequency range 500 Hz−1 MHz
Sampling rate 10 MHz
Resolution 32 Bit
Preamplifier Noise factor > 0,5 dB
Bandwidth 665 kHz

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RF coils

Description Manufacturer Type Properties
Body coil Siemens Tx/Rx 16-rung high-pass birdcage, circularly (head) or elliptically (body) polarized
12-channel head coil Siemens Rx
32-channel head coil Siemens Rx
4-channel neck coil Siemens Rx
24-channel spine coil Siemens Rx
16-channel cardio coil In Vivo Rx front part
4-channel flex coil big Siemens Rx
4-channel flex coil small Siemens Rx
15-channel knee coil QED Tx/Rx
Ring coil Siemens Rx ø 11 cm
CP head coil Rapid Biomedical Tx/Rx 16-rung birdcage