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Ultrahigh Field MRI

Research group 8.14


The group “Ultrahigh field (UHF) MRI” focuses on the development and implementation of novel MR excitation and acquisition techniques for MR imaging at field strength of 7 Tesla and beyond. The developed methods specifically take the challenges posed by the high magnetic field strength into account. Among such methods are parallel transmission (PTX) techniques in combination with RF pulse design, which make use of multi-channel transmit coils for example to achieve spatially homogeneous excitations of a given target volume. For such developments a 3 Tesla MR system is available at PTB as well as a 7 Tesla system at the Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.), both equipped with an 8 channel PTX system. Beside the development of parallel transmission methods the group also works on the development of accelerated imaging techniques, such as the simultaneous acquisition of multiple slices (“Multiband”). Furthermore, we investigate the impact of physiological parameters such as respiration on the excitation at 7 Tesla.

All our developments have in common that the ultimate goal is the in-vivo application in patients. Therefore the group works in collaboration with partners at the Charite Hospital in Berlin and other institutions. 4D flow MR imaging that allows the in-vivo quantification of the blood velocity vector and its application to UHF is a key topic among the different applications of the group. Further details about the different projects are given in the subsections that are linked below.

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