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MagNaStand - Towards an ISO standard for magnetic nanoparticles

The EU project "MagNaStand - Towards an ISO standard for magnetic nanoparticles" led by PTB was nominated by the European standardization organization CEN/CENELEC among the 15 finalists of the "Standards+Innovation Award 2023".

The nomination text mentions the close connection between innovative measurement technology, industrial cooperation, and standardization.

The project was a main contributor to the finalization of two new ISO standards, which have also been adopted as European CEN standards. The first standard ISO 19807-1 defines the main properties of magnetic nanosuspensions. The second standard ISO 19807-2 describes in detail the characterization and measurement of magnetic beads, which are widely used for detection of viruses in blood samples. 

Currently, PTB is working on the implementation of a metrological reference lab for magnetic nanoparticles, which does not yet exist anywhere else in the world.


Link to Standards+Innovation Award 2023

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Contact: Uwe Steinhoff, 8.23


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