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SQUID current sensors for metrology and other precision measurements

Using dc-SQUID-based current sensors, it is possible to measure electrical currents in the pA-range. Therefore, dc-SQUIDs can be used to build highly sensitive ammeters with bandwidths of dc - 10s of MHz. Our SQUID current senors are used for applications in electrical metrology, e.g. resistance metrology at PTB (FB 2.6), and in precision measurement applications at low temperatures, for instance in susceptometry and NMR-spectrometry.

2-stage SQUID current sensor, chip size 3 mm x 3 mm
16-SQUID series array current sensor, chip size 3 mm x 3 mm

For radiation metrology as well as for future astrophysics instruments radiation detectors that are operated at low and ultra-low temperatures (< 1K) are being developed. SQUID current sensors are devices of choice to read out these radiation detectors.

We are developing SQUID-current sensors for these applications. Our sensors are highly sensitive to the currents to be measured and at the same time highly insensitive to external electromagnetic interference.