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Department 7.6

Cryosensors are electronic circuits that are operated at low temperature. The Department 7.6 is active in the development and fabrication of   Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) based sensors. SQUID sensors enable highly precise measurements of  physical quantities such as magnetic flux, magnetic induction, electric current and others.  Furthermore, high-resolution superconducting detectors of radiation or particles are developed. Superconducting sensors and detectors are applied to a wide range of challenging precision measurement tasks. However, their operation is complex and often requires cooling of the devices to millikelvin temperature and suppression of electromagnetic interferences from the environment. Also, we are developing  measurement electronics for demanding metrological tasks. Through  technology transfer partners, the developments of the department are made available to a wide user community.


  • Development and manufacture of high-sensitivity SQUIDs and SQUID measurement systems for e.g. biomagnetic research, metrology of electrical quantities, radiation detectors, nuclear resonance experiments, magnetometry in the micro- and nano-scale, and low-temperature thermometry
  • Development  of low temperature radiation detectors for quantum radiometry and radionuclide metrology

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