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Volume Flow Rate

Working Group 7.52


The working group handles the R&D projects of the department. The main objectives of the research are works in the field of dissemination of the scale "thermal energy" and works to improve the measuring uncertainty and measuring stability of heat meters. A major part of the works is externally funded.

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Measuring signal processing and data analysis

Nowadays, measuring signal and data processing are done directly on a PC in the majority of cases. The electronic circuits and software systems that are required to access every type of measuring instrument without altering the measurement indication are developed at the department.

Resistance measurement of quantities of heat-measuring devices

ecently, the department Heat developed testing methods in order to predict the measurement stability of heat meters. Further development of these methods and the integration of further influence quantities as for example the defined contamination of test water, are actual research objects.

Characterization of transfer standards

Currently measuring devices are characterized in the framework of a european key comparison with the objective to transfer the scale "Volume" depending on the temperature of the heat transfer medium in the range of 3 °C – 80 °C in a flow rate range from 10 m³/h – 160 m³/h between the European national metrology institutes.

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