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Thermal Energy Measurement

Working Group 7.51


The working group is concerned with product tests and conformity assessments in connection with the types of heat meters and cooling meters and their sub-assemblies in the legally regulated area and with the types of tank thermometers and portable electric thermometers. It is responsible for approx. 80 % of all type approvals/conformity assessments for heat meters in Europe and is – in most cases – a leading member of all relevant national and international committees.

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  • Type examinations of measuring instruments fo thermal energy
    • Heat meters and their sub-assemblies according to the European Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) Annex MI-004
    • Cooling meters and their sub-assemblies according to TR K 7.2
    • Combined heat-cooling meters according to TR K 7.2
  • Type examinations of tank thermometers and of portable electric thermometers according to the German Verification Ordinance Annex 14 (EO14)
  • Assessment of applications for supplements to national type approvals for the verification of heat meters and their sub-assemblies in accordance with the transition regulation of the MID
  • Calibration of flow rate sensors for cold, warm and hot water in the temperature range 3 °C to 90 °C and in the flowrate range from 6 l/h to 1000 m3/h for the heat-conveying fluid "water"
  • Electric calibration of calculators for heatmeters and cooling meters by simulated thermal energy in the range from 1 °C to 200 °C, in the flowrate range from 6 l/h to 1000 m3/h and in the temperature difference range from 3 K to 200 K, range of capacity: 13.6 W to 236,000 KW
  • Consultancy for industry, verification authorities and consumers on
    • fundamentals of metrology of thermal energy, volume and volume flow of cold, warm and hot water and of water-glycol mixtures
    • use of thermal and solar energy measuring techniques
    • tests of heat consumption meters by competent bodies
  • Metrological investigations and assessments of testing facilities for heat meters and sub-assemblies according to MID and of cooling meters and sub-assemblies, of DAkkS test centres and notified bodies according to Module F
  • Presidency of and cooperation in national and international technical committees, standardization committees and research committees for heat meters (CEN TC 176, OIML TC 11, WELMEC, EMATEM, DIN, in the working committee "Heat Meters" of the plenary assembly, Task Force Laseroptical Flow Diagnostics, industrial associations and their sub-groups)
  • Elaboration of technical directives for metrological tests and coordination of the elaboration of certification criteria of heat meters, cooling meters and combined heat-cooling meters and their sub-assemblies and of non-interacting technical additional functionalities, for example of the basic specification CEN EN 1434 adapted to the MID, of the normative document OIML R75, of PTB’s technical directives TR K7.1 and K7.2, TR K19 (metrological evaluations), TR K8 (temperature sensors), TR K9 (commissioning of heat meters and cooling meters) etc.

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