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Heat and Vacuum

Department 7.5


  • Realisation of the scale "thermal energy" with highest metrological accuracy in the range from 13 W up to 236 MW. The PTB therefore conducts the "Europäische Kompetenzzentrum für die Messung thermischer Energie" (european center of excellence for the measurement of thermal energy). There are, amongst others, standard measurement devices available for the quantities "temperature difference" from 3 K up to 200 K and volume of flowing heat transfer media in the temperature range between 3 °C and 90 °C for flow rates between 6 l/h and 1000 m³/h.
  • Dissemination of the scale "thermal energy" for the area regulated by law by means of pattern approval of measurement devices for thermal energy and calibration of selected measurement devices used for comparisons between officially recognized testing laboratories for heat.
  • R&D for the dissemination of the scale "thermal energy"
    • by means of developing new methods of laser fluid measurements and fluid dynamic diagnosis. This is done, amongst others, within the framework of the working group on laser fluid measurement technology. (Working Group Laser fluid measurement technology)
    • Fundamental research on fluid dynamics in pipings, among others, by means of numerical simulation
    • Analysis and characterization of the suitability of conventional measuring devices as transfer standard.
    • Development and analysis of methods for the improvement of the measuring accuracy and measuring stability of heat meters.
  • Chairmanship or membership in international and national expert committees (OIML, CEN, DIN) for heat meters and heat cost allocators as well as in the European Metrology Association for Thermal Energy Measurement http://www.ematem.org
  • Realization of the pressure scale in the vacuum regime with primary standards from 10-9 Pa to 1 kPa and its dissemination by calibration of vacuum gauges in the same range and up to 130 kPa. Primary standards for low gas flow rates enable the calibration of test leaks against vacuum and atmosphere.

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