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Photonic Thermometry

Working Group 7.45


The core task of the working group is research and development of novel sensor concepts for photonic temperature measurements with contact thermometers. Here, mainly the temperature dependence of the refractive index is exploited in order to realise different sensor types. For example, in fibre Bragg gratings and integrated microresonators on silicon chips, the spectral shift of a resonance wavelength is evaluated. For this purpose, the WG uses measuring equipment that allows a very precise and traceable determination of the spectral properties of such sensors in the range from 1520 nm to 1630 nm. Together with the outstanding capabilities of the department in temperature measurement, this results in unique possibilities for the characterisation of photonic temperature sensors.

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  • Validation and metrological traceability of fibre-optic sensors such as fibre Bragg gratings (FBG)
  • Further development of optical methods for contact thermometry for applications up to 1900 °C
  • Design and characterisation of photonic integrated circuits (PIC) as temperature sensors
  • Optimisation of fibre-optic and photonic sensors and their packaging for industrial applications
  • Determination of spatially resolved, continuous temperature profiles using distributed fibre-optic methods (distributed temperature sensing, DTS)

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