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Cryo-and Primary Thermometry

Working Group 7.43


The major tasks of the working group are fundamental primary thermometry for the new definition of the SI base unit kelvin and the realisation and dissemination of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) in the temperature range between 0.65 K and 273 K. For primary thermometry two methods are in use: dielectric-constant gas thermometry and noise thermometry. For the realisation of the ITS-90, vapour-pressure thermometry and gas thermometry as well as the calibration of platinum resistance thermometers at the defining fixed points are necessary. The dissemination of the ITS-90 at low temperatures is mainly enabled by means of high-precision resistance thermometry with platinum and rhodium-iron sensors.

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  • Calibration of standard platinum resistance thermometers and fixed-point cells in the range between 14 K and 273 K
  • Calibration of capsule-type resistance thermometers by comparison in the temperature range between 0.65 K and 273 K

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The service specifications of our calibrations are summarized in the measurement and calibration capabilities of the Division 7. The calibration and measurement capabilities for contact thermometers can be found at the ID numbers 7.4.

The costs are determined on the basis of the PTB Regulations Governing Charges applicable for the particular service in the currently valid version rendered by PTB. The costs are calculated in accordance with average fees or the invoicing is effected according to actual time expenditure. An overview can be found at point 10, thermometry.

For a specific quotation we need further information: What are the temperature range and the requested uncertainties? What type of sensor do you want to calibrate? Please contact directly our service address Opens window for sending emailtkalibrierung(at)ptb.de.

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