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Detector Radiometry

Working Group 7.33


Poster of the working group about absolute measurement of the physical quantity "radiant power" of electromagnetic radiation
Poster WG 7.33 (in German)

The working group is responsible for the absolute measurement of the physical quantity "radiant power" of electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range from ultraviolet to mid-infrared (200 nm to 11 µm) and, based on this, the calibration of the spectral responsivity of radiation detectors at the highest metrological level.

The working group runs electrical substitution radiometers as national primary standards as well as further measurement facilities for the characterisation of radiation detectors and the dissemination of the spectral responsivity of these detectors. Thus, the working group realises the traceability to the International System of Units (SI) for detector based photometry, applied radiometry and radiation thermometry within the PTB as well as for other national metrology institutes, research institutes, industrial customers and calibration laboratories.

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  • Extension of the wavelength range of the realisation of spectral responsivity up to 11 µm e.g. for remote sensing and meteorological applications
  • Development of new kinds of radiation detectors for radiometric detector standards including their characterisation amongst others within the framework of European research projects
  • Participation in as well as organisation of international comparison measurements for the further development, verification and international recognition of PTB's scale of spectral responsivity
  • Reduction of the measurement uncertainty of the calibration of secondary detector standards for their application in the radiometric determination of thermodynamic temperatures as well as in photometry and applied radiometry
  • Development and validation of calibration methods for the traceable determination of the detection efficiency of single photon detectors
  • Characterization of single photon detectors in the wavelength range from 400 nm to 1700 nm
  • The working group takes an active part in the work of international committees as the „Consultative Committee for Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM)“ and the „Technical Committee of Photometry and Radiometry (TC-PR) of Euramet“

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The following calibrations according to the quality management handbook of PTB division 7 are performed in the working group 7.33:

  • Measurement of the spectral power responsivity of radiation detectors in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 2400 nm
  • Measurement of the position dependence of the relative spectral responsivity of radiation detectors

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