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News Archive 2016

Departments 7.1 and 7.2

In order to become independent of the embodied standard of the international prototype of the kilogram which is kept in Paris, the SI unit of the kilogram is to be redefined by the determination of a numerical value of Planck's constant. For this purpose, the number of silicon atoms in a monocrystalline silicon sphere (weight: one kilogram) is determined at PTB within the scope of the Avogadro...

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One focus of the technical work in the EUV Radiometry Working Group is the metrological support rendered to the German and European supply industry for semiconductor manufacturing in the development of EUV lithography in a great number of cooperation agreements. In 1998, the cooperation with Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH set the starting point for this field of work and has, since then, formed the basis for...

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